CarDojo is a powerful WordPress Plugin that can transform your website into a vehicles shop or an automotive marketplace.



If you want to use included monetization features you need to install WooCommerce.

CarDojo plugin has built in Account Funds features which is compatible with WooCommerce.

On WordPress back-end -> Cars -> CarDojo Settings -> Monetisation tab, add prices and enable top up accound funds function.

You will also need to add Login/Register shortcode to a page. This was done if you walked through theQuick Setup Wizard after CarDojo activation.

You will also need to add User Profile and Account Settings shortcodes to pages. On user profile page will be user contacts and his vehicles.




For your vehicles shop you don’t need WooCommerce, just walk through WordPress back-end -> Cars -> CarDojo Settings and make your changes (if you dind’t use Quick Setup Wizard) otherwise just start uploading vehicles.

You can submit vehicles from front-end or back-end.